Certificates / References

Certificate ISO/TS 16949:2009




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Certificates ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004




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Certificates issued by GIG for the products of our company to boost the confidence of our customers in terms of quality of products declared.



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We are certified OBAC Certification Body for our products thereby confirming compliance with the requirements of the national industry regulations, European and international safety standards.



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The company has been awarded MALINEX Promotion Program Companies Business Excellence 2014 in Category “Small Company”. Title stand out from other small and micro companies for the highest quality products, services provided, and reliability.



Since 2012, our company receives Reliable Company Certificate. This promoting ethical conduct of business. Reliable Company program is conducted under the auspices of the KRD. Holders Reliable Company Certificates, in fulfillment of its objectives, agree to abide by ethical standards set out in the “5 commandments reliable companies” and the provisions of the Code.


 1587_RZF_COK-Kapitula_RZF_2015-bannery-310x150We have been chosen to participate in the Chapter Reliable Business. By promoting the payment reliability, timeliness and fairness we have a direct influence on security policy cooperation with partners. All comments and opinions Members of the Jury are a valuable source of information to be taken into account when making many decisions for the program Reliable Company and the rules for granting the Golden Certificate of Reliability.
IMG_8357Metalworking Cluster (COM)  focuses currently around 100 companies, research and development and business environment of the north-eastern Polish (mainly from the Podlasie, Warmia-Mazury and Lublin), operating in the industry metal processing, both in terms of services, trade and manufacturing.

Among the cluster members are national and world leaders manufacture of machinery and equipment with innovative high growth potential. Companies focused on COM work closely with the Technical University of Bialystok in the development of projects, organization of seminars, technology, services and jobs in the field of metalworking and research, demonstration of new technologies.