The company Malinex has been operating in the market since 1991.
Over the years were evaluated and increased own possibility. The first years were devoted to building the company’s position by constant widening the product and material variety as well as sales and production department,  and obtaining a wide group of customers.

The company Malinex cooperating with thousands of customers in the country and abroad, intends to be the leading and recognized domestic producer of these goods.

Our departments associated with mining industry, energetics and power plant sector, building sector. We are on the leading position in metal working, metal machining, metal bonding.

In its activities, the company bases mainly on innovative approach and application of modern solutions technology-wise as well as management-wise. Today, the fundamental element of our work and the general reason of our success is Integrated Quality Management System and Environment Protection. We invest in modern managing through computerization of the whole sales process. We use the motto: „ Your problem is Our challenge “.

The Malinex company is a member of East Metalworking Cluster in Lublin. Cluster coordinator Metalworking East is the Regional Club of Technology and Rationalization in Lublin.

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The Malinex company has equipped new measure laboratory to certify high quality manufacturing parts and the services provided.

The ability to research material for the production of our company creates unlimited possibilities and guarantee high quality goods. Measure Laboratory has enabled us to operate in an even shorter period of time and to improve our competitiveness on the market.
We attach particular importance to the quality policy / environment. Through the development and implementation of appropriate testing procedures, we can eliminate the randomness and the defectiveness of goods produced in our company. An important objective of our policy is the cooperation with suppliers, subcontractors and customers to continue to ensure the quality of manufactured products and provided services.
The laboratory is equipped with the most modern measuring devices operated by professionally prepared staff, which achieves the highest accuracy measurements.